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Reverse Engineering Attacks


Massive outsourcing of the integrated circuit (IC) design and manufacturing processes (fabless model), as well as increased demand for commercial and custom ICs in the government and the commercial sectors, have raised reliability and security issues. Aiding to the cause is the increasing complexity of IC designs and shorter Time-To-Market (TTM), which has led to the insertion of intentional (hardware Trojan, backdoors) and unintentional flaws at various levels of the IC production process. Techniques for the detection of such flaws require reverse engineering (RE) of ICs, which involves identifying the device technology used in it, extracting its gate-level netlist, and/or inferring its functionality. Tools and techniques that have been developed for RE of ICs can be misused by an attacker to steal the design, identify the device technology for competitive advantage, or illegally fabricate the target IC. To achieve these objectives, an attacker will attempt to RE the design to the target level of abstraction, which can vary depending on the objective of the attacker. If the objective is to steal the design, then the target abstraction level can be either the physical design level, the gate-level, or the RT level, whereas if the goal is to insert malicious logic then the target abstraction level can be either the gate-level or the RT level. In the semiconductor supply chain, an RE attacker can be present in either the design integration house, the foundry, or it can be the user. To prevent such an attack, tools such as Network Flow Attack For Split Manufacturing, ObfusGEM, NETA, and Deep Learning Based Model Building Attacks on Arbiter PUF Compositions have been developed.

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