CAD for Assurance of Electronic Systems

SMT Attack

By: Kimia Zamiri Azar (GMU), Hadi Mardani Kamali (GMU), Houman Homayoun (UC Davis), Avesta Sasan (GMU)

Stage: RTL


SMT Attack on Boolean and Non-Boolean Obfuscation Methods


Kimia Zamiri Azar

Input/Output Interface

  • Input: obfuscated netlist, original netlist
  • Output: extracted key, de-obfuscation time



Licensing Info

The MIT License (MIT)


Azar, Kimia Zamiri; Kamali, Hadi Mardani; Homayoun, Houman; Sasan, Avesta

SMT Attack: Next Generation Attack on Obfuscated Circuits with Capabilities and Performance Beyond the SAT Attacks Journal Article

In: IACR Transactions on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, vol. 2019, no. 1, pp. 97-122, 2018.

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