CAD for Assurance of Electronic Systems

CAD4EM-RTL: CAD for EM Security through RTL Quantitative Assessment

By: Jiaji He and Yier Jin

Stage: RTL


  • A quantitative radiation model utilizing RTL code to evaluate the EM side-channel vulnerability.
  • Bit level fine-grained information leakage vulnerabilities can be identified and localized in the RTL code.
  • Generic security design rules are outlined for designing EM side channel attack resistant hardware!
  • Initial results for three distinct AES implementations show our tool can precisely locate the EM side-channel vulnerabilities and help enhance the side-channel attack resistance.


Yier Jin


He, Jiaji; Ma, Haocheng; Guo, Xiaolong; Zhao, Yiqiang; Jin, Yier

Design for EM Side-Channel Security through Quantitative Assessment of RTL Implementations Proceedings Article

In: 2020 25th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC), pp. 62-67, IEEE, Beijing, China , 2020.

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  • This work was supported in part by National Insti¬≠tute o f Standards and Technology (NIST) under Grant 60NANB18D214