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Side Channel Analysis (SCA) Attacks


Side-Channel Attacks (SCAs) exploit emissions from integrated circuits (ICs), which can be in the form of electromagnetic radiations, sound, light, power consumption, and/or timing information. Since, its inception many SCAs have been developed such as audio-based attacks, cache and timing attacks, power monitoring attacks, electromagnetic emission monitoring attacks, data remanence, software-initiated fault-attacks, optical attacks, and differential-fault analysis. These attacks exploit vulnerabilities in the ICs of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile devices, smart cards, and computers to infer sensitive information. The new era of billions of personal devices and new technologies such as cloud computing are enabling newer SCAs such as cache-timing attacks or DRAM row-buffer attacks, which can be carried out remotely by executing malicious code in the targeted cloud environment. Existing architectural and circuit level solutions for preventing SCAs in ICs result in significant area and power overhead. Furthermore, the design optimization process of existing computer-aided design (CAD) tools results in side-channel leakage. As such, new CAD tools are needed that incorporates security measures to prevent side-channel leakage in ICs. Consequently, tools such as CAD4EM-Placement, CAD4EM-RTL, AutoEM, CAD4Power-FPGA, XFC, FEDS, and SAFARI have been developed to address SCA concerns.

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