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IC Trojan Attacks


Security of a computer system has been traditionally related to the security of the software or the information being processed. The underlying hardware used for information processing has been considered trusted. The emergence of hardware Trojan attacks violates this root of trust. These attacks, in the form of malicious modifications of electronic hardware at different stages of its life cycle, pose major security concerns in the electronics industry. An adversary can mount such an attack with an objective to cause operational failure or to leak secret information from inside a chip e.g., the key in a cryptographic chip, during field operation.

Hardware Trojan attacks have emerged as a major security concern for integrated circuits. These attacks relate to malicious modifications of an IC during design or fabrication in an untrusted design house or foundry, which involve untrusted people, design tools, or components. Such modifications can give rise to undesired functional behavior of an IC, or provide covert channels or backdoor through which sensitive information can be leaked. To detect and prevent such attacks, tools such as MERS, MERO, Network Flow Attack for Split Manufacturing, and TRIT-PCB have been developed.

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