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TRIT-PCB: Trojan Insertion Tool for Printed Circuit Boards

By: Aritra Bhattacharyay, Tamzidul Hoque, and Jonathan Cruz

Stage: Design


TRIT-PCB is a tool developed in Python that automatically inserts hardware Trojans into board level designs. The tool can be used to efficiently create a large number of Trojan-inserted board designs. It can simulate a PCB netlist and based on the simulations insert trojans The tool can be used to fabricate a design with PCB level trojans.


Aritra Bhattacharyay and Tamzidul Hoque

Input/Output Interface

  • Input: KiCAD PCB netlist and a configuration file
  • Output: Simulation results and trojan inserted PCB netlist


ngspice and python3

Licensing Info

Copyright 2020 University of Florida. Please contact for licensing options.

150 Trojan inserted KiCAD netlists are available


Hoque, Tamzidul; Yang, Shuo; Bhattacharyay, Aritra; Cruz, Jonathan; Bhunia, Swarup

An Automated Framework for Board-level Trojan Benchmarking Miscellaneous


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