CAD for Assurance of Electronic Systems

HeLLO: CTF ’22

Logic Locking & Obfuscation in hardware domain is a collection of techniques that protects the hardware Intellectual Properties (IPs) from a number of security threats that includes piracy, cloning, tampering, reverse engineering, hardware Trojan insertion etc. In order to prove the effectiveness of implementation of the algorithms behind the techniques, active and open red team – blue team effort is an ongoing process through the last few years. As part of this effort, Hardware Logic Locking & Obfuscation: Capture The Flag (HeLLO: CTF), a global and open to academia event, is organized by researchers in the field of hardware security, to evaluate the robustness of the secure algorithms by inviting red teams from academia. A number of teams, being formed by students, attempt to attack and break the obfuscated or logic locked hardware IPs using available resources and submit the vulnerabilities being identified.

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